In this section we would like to present all typical steel sections used to fabricate steel structures. Each section has its code which we will explain in detail. For some this will be the first time they come across any section descriptions. Many however use these descriptions on a daily basis, but probably aren’t quite aware where the name comes from and what are the real section dimensions.

     All steel sections are grouped by their section profile. Every profile has different geometrical and strength properties, therefore their use is dependent on the type of load applied. Steel beams are normally shown on Structural Engineer’s drawings using a thick dashed line with a beam description next to it. In most cases the steelwork shown is the steelwork at ceiling level for that drawing, eg. steelwork shown on the first floor is the steelwork above head when standing on the first floor.



Universal Column


Circular Hollow Section


Universal Beam


Flat Section


Parallel Flange Channel


Rolled Steel Angle – equal


Rectangular Hollow Section


Rolled Steel Angle – unequal


Square Hollow Section